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Based in London, United Gulf Management Ltd. (UGML) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KIPCO.

UGML acts as a resource centre for the KIPCO Group. It interfaces with financial institutions, specialist services that can be utilised by companies in the Group to improve their operations. UGML identifies, recommends and monitors investments in the European private equity markets managed by independent investment managers.

UGML also provides management services for residential real estate located in the UK on behalf of KIPCO clients and affiliates.

Executive Officers
Tom Ferguson
Vice President

Company Address
7 Old Park Lane
London W1Y 3LJ
United Kingdom
Telephone: (+44-207-) 493 6000
Fax: (+44-207-) 493 0217

KIPCO - Work And Beyond

Kuwait City, 10th April, 2012: today, at its annual Investors Forum, KIPCO - the Kuwait Projects Company - said it expected to maintain its strong financial position and deliver its twenty-first consecutive year of profitability in 2012.

The announcement was made at the company's annual Shafafiyah (transparency) Investors Forum where KIPCO presented a review of 2011 and guidance for 2012 to an audience of shareholders, financial analysts and institutional investors.
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